‘3 screen’ last-second play From Bob Anderson, Head Boys Coach, Williamsfield High School (Williamsfield, Ill.)

DIAGRAM 1: This play can be used against any zone when you need a last-second shot. Screening against the zone and finding the open shooter are keys to making this play work. Keep your bigger players (4 and 5) at the top of the key with your guards in the corners. 2 is featured and your best shooter.

DIAGRAM 2: 1 goes off a screen from 5, and 5 rolls to occupy the middle of the zone. 1 might have an open look off the screen.

DIAGRAM 3: If 1 doesn’t have an open shot, 5 might be open on the roll to the hoop. If 5 is open, send the pass to him. Otherwise, 4 sets a screen on the weak side for 2.

DIAGRAM 4: Because the zone usually follows the ball when 1 dribbles off 5’s screen at the start of the play, 2 begins to get open for a 3-pointer after coming off 4’s screen.

DIAGRAM 5: If the zone plays off 3, 1 should pass to 3. If not, then to free up 2 for that 3-pointer, 4 and 5 screen the weak-side defenders, and 1 sends a cross-court pass to 2. 2 should be open for the final shot.