Wisconsin coach admits to recording girls’ locker room for 2 years

A Wisconsin high school coach accused of planting a camera in the girls’ locker room has secretly been recording student-athletes for two years.

Brian Kitzman, the Craig High School coach in Janesville, WI, told police that he recorded an estimation of 18 student-athletes within that two-year span.

recordingJanesville Police Chief David Moore shared the details during a news conference with the school district’s superintendent.

A recent story from Fox8Live.com revealed details from the Wisconsin police department’s investigation.

Below is an excerpt from the Fox8Live.com story.

“It is not lost on us the breach of trust that has occurred, but what we can offer is a thorough and prompt investigation, a transparent investigation,” Moore said.

Moore described the recording as crimes of opportunity and students were not specifically targeted. He said Kitzman would find places where he could put cameras in locker rooms and hide them there.

In one instance, a camera was found after a student spotted her towel, which had been missing for weeks, Friday morning in a locker that was secured by a Craig High School administrative lock. When a high school staff member helped get the towel, a GoPro camera was located, according to Moore.

The camera was turned over to the school resource officer, and within a few hours, police realized what was going on and the suspect was identified.

Kitzman was arrested within a half-hour while boarding a bus that was headed for a track meet.

Janesville School District Superintendent Mark Holzman indicated his district now has two priorities, which include supporting the students and cooperating with the police investigation.

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