Windscreens Amplify Branding, Athletic Department Exposure

May 22, 2017 / Uncategorized

{Sponsored} At the collegiate level — or any level of athletics, for that matter — branding is essential.

And there’s no better way to brand your facilities than with oversized graphics and windscreens created by

At Texas A&M, the process began in 2011. The goal was to bring branding to the football practice field and recognize a new partnership with the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

“We felt the location of our grass football practice fields gave us a unique opportunity, especially when we were first joining the SEC in 2012, to maximize exposure next to our stadium on one of the most used intersections around our campus, to promote and associate our brand with that of the SEC,” said Matt Watson, assistant athletics director for equipment and apparel.

“It was one of the most important times in our history as a university and especially as an athletic department, and to be able to co-brand and associate with the SEC was a lightning rod moment we had to capitalize.”

Watson was Texas A&M’s point person on the project and worked with Coach Kevin Sumlin on the direction. The graphic windscreens around the football practice fields were completed in 2012.

And then the project was expanded.

Phase two of the project, windscreens around the sled field adjacent to the practice fields, was completed in 2013. The final phase, which included updating and redesigning all of the existing windscreens, was completed in August 2016.

“The overall aesthetics of the area have vastly improved, especially since we performed a $470 million-plus renovation project of our football stadium in 2015 and it all began with the practice field windscreen project,” Watson said. “I believe everyone, from athletic department staff to current student athletes, alumni and recruits, in particular, all believe that the branding of this area makes the space more than just a workspace and takes it to a higher level to where you experience more of a feeling of ‘big time’ college athletics when you drive by the area, not to mention when you step out onto the fields themselves.”’s windscreens come in a variety of sizes and colors, are UV protected and very difficult to rip. The Dura-Screen 70 Windscreen —’s most popular windscreen — is stronger than most and allows for 30 percent wind pass-through.

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