University of Illinois drafting ban on athletes with history of violence

July 26, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
The University of Illinois is reportedly drafting a policy that would prevent its sports programs from accepting athletes who have a history of domestic violence or sexual assault.

The University of Illinois Illini

The ban is similar to what was adopted at Indiana University earlier this spring, according to the Chicago Tribune. Illinois Athletic Director Josh Whitman told the Tribune that the policy is still being written, but it could be implemented as early as the 2017-18 school year.

The Big Ten Conference, which unlike the Southeastern Conference does not have a policy barring universities from accepting student-athletes with a history of violence, indicated it would continue leaving these types of decisions to its member schools.

Whitman told the Tribune that some coaches and administrators had concerns about the policy, and the university planned to adopt a “review or appeal process” for unique circumstances. 

“That’s one of the primary reservations about a policy like this,” he said in the article. “I do believe in second chances. I do want students to learn from their mistakes.”

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