U of Wisconsin Regents Considering $1 Million Salary For A.D. Barry Alvarez

July 7, 2011 /
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Don Walker


The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents will consider a new contract for UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez next week that will push his compensation to $1 million.

If approved, Alvarez would be one of the highest paid athletic directors in the country, based on a review of media reports on other athletic directors at major universities.

According to the UW Athletic Department, Alvarez is scheduled to be paid $831,250 for 2011-’12. $500,000 of that comes from UW Athletics; the remainder comes from private funds through the UW Foundation.

The new package would pay him $500,000 from UW Athletics and $500,000 from the UW Foundation, according to a source knowledgeable about the pay package.

Alvarez’s deal was first reported in the Wisconsin State Journal.

In addition to base pay of $1 million, Alvarez would get $25,000 bumps in pay in the years ahead based on his job performance, the source said.

The source said all of the increases in pay from his current salary would be privately funded.

Alvarez received a contract extension through Jan. 31, 2016.

Alvarez was not available for comment. A source said the new contract and pay boosts were approved by Biddy Martin, UW’s outgoing chancellor, but must be approved by the Regents. The Regents are scheduled to meet on July 14 and 15 in Madison.

Alvarez also has an annuity of an undetermined amount. A UW official said that, to his knowledge, Alvarez had not cashed in his annuity.

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