TeamSnap is the time-saving platform for coaches and athletic directors

September 13, 2017 /
{Sponsored} Any coach or athletic director will tell you one of their biggest challenges is finding enough minutes in the day to keep up with all the demands of the job. Making sure all your athletes have the information they need to be prepared, including where to be and when, takes an exorbitant amount of time.

The folks at TeamSnap have a solution. Their time-saving sports management software not only helps coaches and athletic directors communicate more effectively with players and other coaches, it frees up hours spent sending text messages, emails and making phone calls every week.

Some 15 million people are already utilizing TeamSnap’s capabilities, which include messaging, payment tracking, rosters, registration and tournament management through an application available on smartphone, tablet and computer.

Among them are the close to 200 coaches and athletes part of the James River Home School Foundation, a central Virginia-based organization that offers extra-curricular enrichment opportunities for home-schooled children.

“Our program is growing. We currently have cross country, volleyball, soccer and basketball teams for both middle and high school boys and girls,” said JaNett Mills, James River program director.

“We have about 160 total students participating in those sports. As our program grew, we needed a better and more efficient communication system.”

“It’s just a great vehicle for communication and organization, from the email system to the text alerts. It’s an excellent time-saver.”

All 13 varsity sports programs at Humber College in Toronto use TeamSnap. With more than 250 student-athletes and an additional 40-plus coaches, the syncing calendar has been huge not just for each team, but across the athletic department.

“TeamSnap is a great way to have mass communication, whether we need to send our messages or reminders by team or across the department,” said James DePoe, Humber College varsity coordinator.

Humber College relies on TeamSnap’s scheduling features that seamlessly sync to players smart phones. DePoe added the in-app navigation tool and paperless communication are among his favorite benefits.

“For me, the location stuff and the ability to open up into a Google map, click the location and get directions. The locations are accurate,” DePoe said.

“Like a lot of people, we’re trying to move toward green and sustainable practices. Not having all that extra paperwork and not having to hand folders and printouts to coaches and athletes is part of that.”

Time-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient, TeamSnap is the one-stop team management solution for today’s ultra-busy coaches and athletic directors.

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