Survey: Fundamentals the best way to curb concussions

July 15, 2015 / Athletic AdministrationCoachingFootball
Concussions continue to be one of the biggest issues in contact sports, and while there is no way to completely prevent head injuries, there are ways to improve safety on the field of play.

In June, Coach and Athletic Director surveyed readers asking the best way to curb concussions in football — improved equipment, improved fundamentals, strength training, fewer games each season or limited contact in practices. Here are the results along with a few recommendations from respondents who chose “other.”

SurveyFootballUSE“Coaching education. I think the key is to teach coaches (especially youth) proper tackling technique and heads up football so that they can, in turn, teach proper technique to their athletes. Every level should focus on reinforcing these techniques.”

• “Truly, a combination of better fundamentals and strength training. I think the helmet manufacturers will continue to improve, as they have over the years. Obviously, limiting the times a player can possibly be in a contact situation would be a factor in reducing the odds of injury, but where would you draw the line? I think limiting contact in practice would actually do more harm by not getting them game ready.”

“Adding athletic trainers to your team.”

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