South Dakota legislators move to overturn transgender policy

March 10, 2015 /
South Dakota is among the states that have adopted a policy regarding transgender student participation in high school sports. Now a group of legislators look to revoke the rule.

SDHSAAThe South Dakota High School Activities Association last year approved a policy that allowed transgender students to apply for participation with the gender they identified with. A board was tasked with reviewing all applications.

The South Dakota state senate could move to rescind the rule, meaning transgender athletes could only participate in sports with the gender that’s listed on their birth certificate.

From The Daily Republic:

Besides declaring the SDHSAA policy void, the legislation would set a law regarding transgender athletes. The bill states:

“For purposes of participation in athletics sanctioned by the association, the sole determinant of a student’s sexual identity is the sexual identity noted on the student’s certificate of birth.

“If no sexual identity is noted on the student’s certificate of birth, the sole determinant is the sexual identity noted on the South Dakota High School Activities Association Physical Exam Form that is completed by a health care professional at the student’s physical examination.”

Sen. Deb Soholt, the committee’s chairman, said approximately three and one-half hours were spent over two days hearing two bills aimed at blocking the SDHSAA policy.

At least 10 states have approved a transgender student-athlete’s participation, and 32 states have policies, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.

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