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February 15, 2019 / Coaching
{Sponsored} Coaches should be studying more than just football in the off-season – learning better interpersonal skills and coaching leadership strategies will play a big part in helping coaches more easily reach their players. This leads to increased performance and less stress in difficult situations on and off the field. Check out these resources that coaches can use to study these techniques and skills.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Travis Bradberry) — Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the new hot topic in interpersonal relationships, work environment and ability to be successful in stressful situations. EQ is how people can recognize not only their own emotions but also those of people around them; it helps improve mental health, leadership skills, and generally helps people better navigate interpersonal relationships. Bradberry’s best-seller is a must-read for any coach.

You Win the Locker Room First (Jon Gordon and Mike Smith) — The self-help guru, Gordon, teams up with NFL head coach Mike Smith in a book that teaches a new formula for team success on and off the field. Learn how Smith shaped the Falcons to become a top team and how Smith won Coach of the Year for three out of five years from 2008-2012.

The Winner Within (Pat Riley) — The legendary basketball coach shares his formula for success at everything team-related. His formula can turn a struggling team into a well-oiled machine, and if you haven’t added this one to your reading list, do it now. Cooperation, insights into making dreams reality and battling complacency are all things that coaches can glean from this book.

The Energy Bus (Jon Gordon) — A winning attitude starts with positivity. Another book from Gordon that has keys to successful teamwork and positivity made this list. This one is a quick read; it provides the methods to attaining and keeping a positive attitude and shows readers how results will improve and productivity will increase when you refuse to let negativity win. Work to transfer this winning attitude to your team and you’ll see easier rebounds from losses and better teamwork overall.

Coach and Coordinator — Brought to you by USA Football, this podcast features Keith Grabowski’s interviews with successful football coaches of all levels. Each features a specific idea directly applicable to what coaches are doing on and off the field.

Informal training goes a long way. Coaches should engage in reading and listening to experts on teamwork in order to improve their coaching strategies and to build a better team. These five recommendations are a great place to start.

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