Scott Frost: Social media is ‘your résumé to the world’

June 20, 2018 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
If college football recruits act inappropriately on social media, they can forget about playing at the University of Nebraska.

Head football coach Scott Frost gave a stern warning to recruits at a recent camp, describing how his program combs through the social networks of prospective players. The camp was filmed by an uncle attending the camp, and here are Frost’s comments to the players:

“Aside from GPA, when we’re recruiting kids, the next thing we’re going to look at is what kind of kid the person is. And part of that is looking through every ounce of social media we can possibly look at. So if some kid tweeted something four years ago that’s bad, we’re going to know about it.

“And I’ll tell you this right now — if there’s anything negative about women, if there’s anything racial or about sexuality, if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period. Piece of advice for you — what you put on social media, that’s your résumé to the world. That’s what you’re trying to tell the world you’re all about. That’s how you’re advertising yourself. Be smart with that stuff.”

Frost is not the first high-profile coach or athlete to warn athletes about their actions on social media. J.J. Watt once suggested that athletes read each social media update 95 times before posting it, saying that a reputation can take years to rebuild. Last year, Iowa State football defensive backs coach DK McDonald tweeted about rejecting a recruit due to something he saw on Twitter.

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