Poll: Does your school offer leadership training for athletes?

February 14, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
In January, Coach & Athletic Director asked coaches if their school offered a program to help develop leadership in athletes — captains council, leadership club, etc. Just one-third said that their school has such a program.

Here are the complete results along with some comments from respondents.

• Each sport is asked to work on intentional leadership within its own season. We work leadership with all athletes in the weight room, but would like a more formal setting crowd control which might encourage more men and women to get into officiating.

• Captain Coalition: We work on leadership with the captains and ways to improve athletic programs.

• We have a seven-member leadership council that is elected by the players.

• We have a monthly meeting covering all topics related to leadership.

• We have a Student Athlete Leadership Team.

• Our council has five spring meetings on developing leadership.

• As a new AD, I am working on developing a leadership program.

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