Poll asks which sport is most influenced by referee’s calls

April 8, 2015 / BasketballCoachingWrestling
The Cleveland Plain Dealer posed an interesting poll question to its readers this week: Which high school sport is most influenced by an official’s call?

Referee1You can provide your input here, but as of today here are the results:

Basketball: 52.4%

Wrestling: 16.3%

Football: 13.3%

Baseball: 10.2%

Other: 5.4%

Hockey: 2.4%

Basketball is the runaway leader, and that’s not too surprising. Just look at the reaction following the Final Four and how many fans blamed officials for Kentucky’s loss to Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s loss to Duke.

Wrestling probably deserves more votes, considering scoring and falls are entirely determined by the referee.

Football would likely get more votes if we considered the professional level. Pass interference calls that can go for 40 yards or more have the ability to completely change the momentum of a game.

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