Parents fight at Wisconsin youth wrestling tournament

February 12, 2019 / Athletic AdministrationCoachingWrestling
No arena is sacred to bad sports parents — not even youth wrestling tournaments.

The video below, which has made the rounds on social media over the last couple of days, comes from a youth wrestling tournament in Kimberly, Wisconsin. In it, parents are cheering on their young wrestlers before they turn on each other, and a man gets into the face of a woman. There’s some shoving, and two women tussle on the ground. The kids just watch.

Rules are more lax at youth events, but it probably wasn’t the best idea to allow parents to be so close to the action. The fracas could have resulted in one the kids getting injured. As you can see from other videos taken at the event, parents are lined up all along the mat.

Tournament directors have a responsibility here to keep the environment safe. At the very least, there should be consequences for the parents who started this melee.

The organization that hosted the event works with wrestlers from 4K to sixth grade, according to its website.

2 thoughts on “Parents fight at Wisconsin youth wrestling tournament”

  1. The parents who were involved in this unacceptable behavior should be banned from any meets this school year. The schools need to have a list of banned parents that is shared so schools know not to let them enter.

  2. This is TERRIBLE! The parents that started this should all be ashamed of yourself that you cannot act like civil adults and role models for children. Make this video viral and public shame them and ban them from future sporting events! It’s people like you that run it for others!!!!

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