Pa. high school investigating football program for violation

A Pennsylvania high school has suspended its football program from all activities pending an internal investigation into two student-athletes who transferred to the school.

FootballHandBerwick Superintendent Wayne Brookhart announced Tuesday that the football program was barred from all operations for two weeks while the investigation takes place. That means the program cannot run its offseason conditioning program, according to the Citizens’ Voice.

From the article:

“I suspended the program for two weeks due to a challenge of a transfer (to Berwick),” Brookhart said Tuesday afternoon. “We are doing an internal investigation. I feel there is sufficient evidence that warrants more evaluation of the situation, and prompted more questioning. We definitely want to do an in-house review of the allegations we received.”

“The investigation is ongoing and I feel we need more time to conclude it,” Brookhart said. “There are still some things that are necessary for us to learn. It is important to take care of our own house. We don’t want to rush to judgement, we want to make sure we have all the facts.”

It’s against state rules to transfer schools for athletic purposes.

If one or both principals from the schools involved in a transfer elect not to sign off on the principal-to-principal waiver, a hearing in front of the District 2 athletic committee is necessary if the transferring students intend to participate in athletics at the receiving school, according to the Citizens’ Voice.

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