Opposition continues to build against Friday college football

December 5, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationFootball
USA Football is the latest organization to speak out against scheduling college football games on Fridays, a day that’s typically reserved for high school football nationwide.

football tackleUSA Football joins at least 28 other state coaching organizations throughout the country that have publicly opposed the decision. The Big Ten announced last month that it would schedule six primetime college football games on Fridays beginning with the 2017 season.

“We support and stand with the state high school coaches associations opposed to college football being played on Friday nights —  a night synonymous with high school football,” USA Football CEO and executive director Scott Hallenbeck said in a statement.

“USA Football, in partnership with (numerous) high school coaches associations, encourages all college conferences and their respective networks moving forward to consider their course of action for the benefit of the millions of high school student-athletes, coaches and communities that could be negatively impacted by college football being played on Friday nights. The great American tradition of high school football should continue to be valued, honored and protected. It’s important we all work together and do what’s best to ensure prosperity for all levels of the game.”

Through statements, high school associations have expressed concern over attendance and media coverage if college football becomes a staple on Friday nights.

Friday college football has already become more popular in recent years. According to The Lewistown Sentinel, there were 53 games on that night in 2014, 63 in 2015 and 65 this year. The Big 12, Pac-12 and Atlantic Coast Conference are among the leagues that play on Fridays.

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