Ohio joins other states in limiting football practice contact

July 15, 2015 / FootballSports Medicine
Ohio has joined a number of other states in limiting the amount of contact high school football teams are allowed during practices.

OHSAAThe Ohio High School Athletic Association approved the measure Monday, adopting recommendations from the National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion Summit Task Force. The changes are effective immediately, beginning with the start of football practice on Aug. 1.

“With the support and leadership from the football coaches association, we have been out in front of concussion awareness and education, and these changes will now bring Ohio up to a place as a national leader in this area,” Ross said in a news release. “Like many of our regulations, these guidelines are to be followed and monitored by member schools and coaches, but we are fortunate in Ohio that many coaches have already been following these safety measures. There will always be a risk for concussion, but football is safer now than it has ever been, and these guidelines will make it even safer.”

Full-contact will be limited during preseason two-a-day practices. During the season, a student-athlete is limited to 30 minutes of full contact in practice per day and 60 minutes per week. They can only be involved in full contact in a maximum of two practices in a seven-day span. The association also recommends that coaches consider limiting full contact on consecutive days.

States like New Jersey and North Carolina adopted similar rules this year, and several other states already enforce contact limitations during football practices.

Click here to read the complete news release from the OHSAA.

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