Ohio considers extending high school baseball, softball seasons

Ohio’s athletic association next month could vote on whether to extend the high school baseball and softball seasons by two weeks.

Photo: Kevin Hoffman

According to WCPO.com, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) could make the change official at its June 1 meeting. If passed, it would take effect in 2019.

OHSAA Assistant Commissioner Jerry Snodgrass told WCPO that the potential change is a result of the new pitch count regulations in baseball that were mandated by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Prolonging the season would allow schools with smaller rosters to give their limited pitching staff adequate rest before throwing in another game.

As for softball, schools often pair their out-of-town games with the baseball team to save on transportation costs. Extending both the softball and baseball seasons avoids potential scheduling conflicts.

From WCPO:

Spring is the shortest of the three high school sports seasons in Ohio. Baseball teams are allowed to play 27 games within the 42 days allotted.

Compared to surrounding states, Ohio has the shortest length of season to play the permitted number of games.

Lakota West Athletic Director Scott Kaufman understands the rationale of why the coaches want the change, but he’s hoping the state’s athletic directors are surveyed before a final decision is made.

“Personally, I do not support extending the baseball season,” said Kaufman, who serves on the Southwest District Athletic Board.

“Going into mid-June, when most school years are ending in mid-May now, is a bit much for me.”

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