North Carolina proposal would change high school sports

April 3, 2015 /
The North Carolina legislature will consider a bill that would allow private, public and home-schooled students more flexibility in where they play high school sports.

NCHSAASenate Bill 649, if passed, would permit public high school student-athletes to play sports at another school if their base school does not offer the program. Similar rules would be put in place for private and home-schooled students, who could play sports at the high school in their district if the sport is offered. The school would be allowed to charge a participation fee.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association opposes the measure, fearing it would create headaches with eligibility.


If the bill were to become law, private school and home school students may participate in activities at their base high school. If the student’s base high school doesn’t offer a particular activity, the student would be eligible to participate at the closest high school that does offer the program. School districts would also be able to charge participation fees for private and home school students.

Under the proposed bill, these new eligibility rules would become effective beginning with the 2015-16 school year. 

“Our membership would support remaining with the current policy of a student being enrolled and attending the school in wh