New Mexico parents allege ’emotional, mental abuse’ in lawsuit against baseball coaches

The parents of a New Mexico high school baseball player have filed a lawsuit against the team’s coaches for alleged emotional and mental abuse that they say forced their son out of the sport.

Allegations include the Highland High School coaches “calling the player a foul name over the use of sunglasses,” according to KRQE in Albuquerque. The player then opted not to use his sunglasses on the field and suffered a concussion when he was hit by the ball. The parents also say that the coach screamed at their son and grabbed him by the neck after a strikeout.

The lawsuit names the coaches, high school and the school district. It’s unclear what compensation they’re asking for.

From KRQE:

After a visit to a doctor, the boy was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks stemming from his baeball experience.

“There were two levels of this abuse. It was both on a physical level as well as an emotional level. Both really, are not okay,” said the boy’s attorney, Erika Anderson.

Anderson says this has been so traumatic for the boy, he’s abandoned his passion.

“He’s not playing sports. He’s not playing on the team. He’s not going to his brother’s games,” she says.

The school district has not commented on the lawsuit. According to KRQE, only one of the coaches is still employed in the district.

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