N.J. girls basketball team wins game by 101 points

December 22, 2015 / Athletic AdministrationBasketball
A New Jersey girls basketball team beat its opponent by 101 points Monday night, a lopsided victory that the league president said isn’t good for either team.

BasketballHoopAccording to an article from the Press of Atlantic City, Atlantic City beat Pleasantville 108-7. Atlantic City opened the season by beating a top-10 team, while Pleasantville finished with an 0-22 record last season. It opened the season last week with a 48-4 loss.

“Nobody gets anything out of a game like that,” league president Steve Fortis told the Press of Atlantic City. “The concern is was (Atlantic City) doing everything possible not to run it up. The (athletic directors) from both schools talked. They’re on the same page. It was lopsided, but it wasn’t intentionally lopsided.”

We run into games like this a few times each season, and each case must be scrutinized independently. The score alone doesn’t illustrate whether the winning team was unsportsmanlike in its victory.

Some teams continue to press and shoot 3s, a clear attempt to rack up the score. Others hold the ball or pass it around in an attempt to chew clock. While the score in Monday’s game doesn’t look pretty, coaches and athletic administrators at both schools don’t appear to believe anyone acted maliciously.

The article, however, doesn’t note how the game was played when victory was in hand, or how coaches reacted to the outcome. Atlantic City outscored Pleasantville 61-6 in the first half and 47-1 in the second half.

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