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March 31, 2020

Coronavirus claims 30-year-old New Jersey baseball coach

The sports community in New Jersey is mourning the loss of one of its own this week. Ben Luderer, 30, a varsity baseball coach and teacher for the Cliffside Park School District in Bergen County, NJ, passed away suddenly from complications related...

March 7, 2020

NJ sports governing body launches new student-athlete mental health initiative

Mental health has increasingly become a primary focus for sports associations and coaches around the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), suicide is the second leading cause of death among those between 10 and 24 years of a...

June 28, 2019

N.J. passes bill requiring sensitivity training for coaches, athletic directors

The New Jersey General Assembly on Thursday passed a bill that will require the state's high school coaches and athletic administrators to complete a sensitivity training program. The bill directs the state's Commissioner of Education to develop t...

June 27, 2019

N.J. bill would give job security to tenured coaches

A New Jersey bill would provide greater job security to high school coaches who also are tenured employees within the school district. [caption id="attachment_27210" align="alignright" width="243"] Photo: Jim Larrison, Flickr[/caption] Sen. Tro...

January 28, 2019

N.J. legislator wants sensitivity training for coaches, ADs

A New Jersey legislator has introduced a bill that would require the state's high school coaches and athletic administrators to undergo sensitivity training every four years. The bill, as it's currently written, requires that coaches and athletic ...

January 4, 2019

Lawsuit: Hockey coach pointed gun at player during practice

A former New Jersey high school hockey player has filed a lawsuit alleging that his former coach pointed a gun at him during a 2017 team practice. [caption id="attachment_27339" align="alignleft" width="243"] Photo: Mark Mauno[/caption] The hea...

December 31, 2018

School will no longer use ref who made wrestler cut dreadlocks

The referee who made national headlines by forcing a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before competing will no longer be used by the athlete's school district. Buena Regional School District Superintendent David Cappuccio said in a lette...

August 23, 2018

N.J. bill would provide job ‘stability’ for HS coaches

A New Jersey lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that would provide head coaches at public high schools with greater job securities and push back against unfair dismissals. Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly, who has coached high school football for more ...