Montana backs off amendment on gender identity

January 16, 2015 / Athletic Administration
Montana will no longer consider implementing a policy on athletic participation by transgender students.

The state athletic association was expected to vote on the amendment Jan. 19, but the Montana High School Association issued a press release Jan. 15 indicating it would remove the item from the agenda. It cited “an overall lack of support” as the reason.

“A poll of the MHSA Executive Board indicates they intend to withdraw the proposal based on insufficient support required to achieve a two-thirds majority of members present and voting,” according to the press release. “All Annual Meeting proposals are voted on only by representatives of the 179 schools member schools in attendance. Once a proposal is withdrawn, there can be no further discussion on the floor.”

The amendment would have allowed the MHSA to create a panel including physicians and psychologists. The panel would have reviewed individual cases to determine whether transgender students can participate in certain sports.


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