Mojo Vision Developing First ‘Smart’ Contact Lens

January 24, 2022 / Athletic LeaderTechnology
Mojo Vision recently announced it is building the world’s first true smart contact lens, called the Mojo Lens. Mojo Lens is a contact lens with a built-in display that gives people the useful and timely information they want without forcing them to look down at a screen or lose focus on the people and the world around them. Mojo calls this eyes-up experience Invisible Computing, a platform that enables information to be instantaneous, unobtrusive, and available hands-free, and will allow people to interact with each other more freely and genuinely.

Its research claims that although 74 percent of athletes now rely on technology to analyze their workouts or training, devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers can interfere with their performance and do not offer enough real-time data.

lensMojo Vision believes its smart contact lens technology can address both of these issues. The company’s Mojo Lens technology overlays images, symbols, and text across a person’s natural field of vision. Users control the interface with their eyes, meaning they don’t have to interrupt their activity to see information and have constant access to real-time data.

“Today’s wearable devices can be helpful to athletes, but they can also distract them from the focus of the activity; we think there’s a better way to deliver athletic performance data,” said David Hobbs, senior director of product management at Mojo Vision.

Mojo is targeting several user groups, including gym and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as runners, cyclists, golfers, and skiers. It hopes its new group of partners will provide relevant market expertise for specific sports, helping to develop products and user interfaces. Adidas Running, Trailforks, Wearable X, Slops, and 18 Birdies have all signed up to help create technology that combines augmented reality (AR), wearables, and personal performance data.

Additionally, the company is planning an early application of the product designed to help people struggling with low vision through enhanced image overlays. This application of the Mojo Lens is designed to provide real-time contrast and lighting enhancements as well as zoom functionality. With its inconspicuous contact lens form factor, Mojo Lens is designed to serve as a low vision aid that could remain discreet for the wearer and allow a hands-free experience, while delivering enhanced functional vision to assist in mobility, reading, and sighting.

In businesses and organizations, the Mojo Lens is being designed to give workers or specialists access to real-time information, greatly improving productivity, precision, and compliance without having to look down at a mobile device or through an awkward, vision-blocking headset that limits situational awareness or discourages social interactions.

The Mojo Lens incorporates a number of breakthroughs and proprietary technologies, including the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made, the world’s most power-efficient image sensor optimized for computer vision, a custom wireless radio, and motion sensors for eye-tracking and image stabilization. The Mojo Lens includes the Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display, announced in May 2019. The display delivers a world-record pixel pitch of over 14,000ppi and a pixel density of over 200Mppi², making it the smallest, densest display ever designed for dynamic — or moving — content.

“The Mojo Lens is the first step in delivering Invisible Computing to the world. We look forward to sharing more information and demonstrating future prototypes as we get closer to bringing our product to market,” said Drew Perkins, CEO at Mojo Vision.

Mojo also announced that it is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through its Breakthrough Device Program, a voluntary program designed to provide safe and timely access to medical devices that can help treat irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions. By receiving Breakthrough Device designation for the development of the Mojo Lens, Mojo will work directly with FDA experts to get feedback, prioritize reviews, and develop a final product that meets or exceeds safety regulations and standards.