Louisiana drops split for high school football playoffs

January 15, 2016 / Football
Louisiana’s athletic association will no longer divide the public and private high school football playoffs, several media outlets are reporting today.

LHSAAKATC-TV reported that Louisiana High School Athletic Association commissioner Eddie Bonine made the announcement today in a press conference. The public and private school football playoffs were divided in 2013, but Bonine said the manner in which that decision was made violated the organization’s constitution.

From KATC:

As it appears, the LHSAA football postseason shall return to five classifications (1A-5A) with proposals to be heard on the morning of Friday, January 29 at the Annual Convention to potentially amend it further. Any such proposals at that meeting and moving forward must be affirmed by the LHSAA Executive Committee before moving to a vote from member school principals.

The snag in the constitutionality arises after a check done by the LHSAA’s legal counsel.  The measure was voted on by the LHSAA membership but should have been approved by the LHSAA Executive Committee, a violation of article 8.7.2 of the LHSAA constitution. 

“Last week, in looking to verify that we were procedurally correct in our presentation of a Metro/Non-Metro postseason plan, it came to light that a prior administration had failed to ensure those same steps were taken three years ago,” said Bonine.

Because the vote to split public and private school playoffs went against the organization’s rules, the vote is considered void.

KATC reported that the LHSAA, with its legal team, will continue to examine the “scope of this decision” in the coming days.

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