Legend Fitness releases new line of selectorized equipment

November 12, 2015 / Strength & Conditioning
Knoxville, Tennessee — Commercial strength manufacturer Legend Fitness unveiled their newest product line, known collectively as the SelectEDGE line.

SelectEDGE is a premium line of selectorized strength equipment that will provide fitness clubs, athletic training facilities, YMCAs, recreational centers and rehabilitation offices with a premium American-made, build-to-order strength solution.

Legend FitnessNotable hallmarks of the SelectEDGE line:

  • Intelligent design complements sleek aesthetics. SelectEDGE was designed to have all the functionality and quality that people expect from our brand, but with more focus on providing an aesthetic appeal than our Performance Selectorized line. The SelectEDGE line features sleek and clean designs, with frames constructed from oval tubing with graceful bends. The seating pads are contoured, with high quality vinyl that is double-stitched and secured to thick support boards with chamfered edges. Other premium features are mechanically assisted adjustability and cables that are partially hidden within the frames.
  • Consistent weight tower/frame profile. Most of the units in the SelectEDGE line use a modular form of construction in that a single tower design, which houses the weight stack, is joined to various functional modules, or the part of the machine where the user performs the exercise. This modular approach provides a consistent appearance to the line, preferable among many club operators, and facilitates quicker field servicing, installation, or movement of the unit. 
  • Two-tone upholstery is standard/extensive pad and frame color options. As a build-to-order company, Legend is positioned to accommodate more frame colors and upholstery options than the competition. There are 30 standard frame colors, everything from matte black to pink to a clear coat finish, and over 80 upholstery colors. Two-tone upholstery is standard.
  • Durable, easy to maintain components. Sound design principles are backed by careful parts selection. Cables are central to the function and safety of any selectorized device, so Legend has specified aviation-grade cables, for unquestioned strength and reliability, with the proper amount of flexibility to resist cracking or shedding of the nylon sheath. The quality of the pulleys and bearings dictate the smoothness of the machine’s motion and the length between service intervals, so Legend invested in high durometer fiberglass-polymer pulleys with sealed bearings. The weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to the stack to prevent misplacement, and the top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating bushings and a rubber sleeve for impact protection. The guide rods that the weight stack travels upon are 1-inch solid steel and chrome plated for smooth motion.
  • Functionality that users expect, with features that appeal to the more advanced weightlifter. Selectorized machines possess a broad appeal across several markets. The controlled, linear movement that they provide is of benefit to fitness clubs, private gyms and rehabilitation centers in that they enhance safety and reduce liability.
Photo courtesy of Legend Fitness
Photo courtesy of Legend Fitness

However, the strength benefits of a selectorized machine can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of ability, provided that some traditional limitations are addressed. Legend Fitness sought to create a selectorized line that appealed to both novices and experienced weightlifters through ergonomic design and biomechanical accuracy.

In short, for many of the machines in the SelectEDGE line, lifting an indicated 40 pounds in the weight stack feels more like actually lifting 40 pounds.

The SelectEDGE line was developed to benefit any training or rehabilitation facility through clever engineering, advanced features, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Contact Legend Fitness or your local Legend Fitness Certified Dealer to learn more.

About Legend Fitness

Legend Fitness has been a manufacturer of commercial-grade strength products in East Tennessee since 1977. Through sound design principles and uncommon customer service, Legend Fitness has grown to be recognized as one of the leading brands the athletic performance, commercial strength, and fitness markets.

Legend Fitness is the fastest growing privately owned strength manufacturer in the United States. Through the individual and collective efforts of its employees and associates, Legend Fitness has strived to become one of the most respected brands in the industry and continues to meet the developing needs of an expanding global market.

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