Kansas HS swimming coach saves athlete in near-drowning

December 21, 2015 / Sports MedicineSwimming
A Kansas high school swimming coach reportedly saved one of his athletes over the weekend in a near-drowning incident during a team practice.

Screenshot via KSHB in Kansas City.
Screenshot via KSHB in Kansas City.

According to KSHB in Kansas City, a Blue Valley High School freshman student-athlete is in serious condition and remains at the hospital. Team members said the athlete was showing signs of distress and was pulled from the water, where swimming coach Adam Bien performed CPR until medical officials arrived.

USA Today reported that authorities continue to investigate what caused the incident. The district requires all coaches to be trained in CPR, and Bien’s response could have made the difference between life and death.

Coaches are constantly encouraged to have some sort of training in emergency situations and, like Blue Valley, some districts even require it. This is a perfect example of why athletic administrators should make it a priority in their programs, especially in sports where there is greater risk for injury.

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