Illinois High School Football Undergoing Changes

April 28, 2014 / CoachingFootball
From the Chicago Tribune

Illinois high school football players will not be allowed to tackle during offseason football practices starting this summer, but some coaches worry that dialing back contact could lead to more danger for young athletes.

The move, announced by the Illinois High School Association last week, is the latest in a series of changes by state prep sports officials intended to reduce the risk of concussions.

The new rules mean full-pad drills will be banned from the summer workouts — a five-week period that does not include the late-summer, double-session practices just before the start of the season.

The move comes a year after the IHSA board voted to limit the number of days of full-contact practices during doubles, a move that was met with skepticism from some coaches.

The rules require two days of helmet-only practices, and thereafter, players are limited to wearing just their shoulder pads. Without full pads, full tackling is not allowed, though players in shoulder pads and helmets can still collide with blocking pads and dummies and “wrap” tackle each other in drills.

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