Girls basketball game ends in 112-point blowout

January 15, 2015 / Basketball
At least once each year a lopsided game revives the debate on sportsmanship, and we’ve again reached that point.

Holy Redeemer, a Pennsylvania prep school, beat MMI Prep 125-13 on Monday, Jan. 12. The coach, who refuses to apologize for the victory, pulled his starters in the second half after the team built a 69-point halftime lead. A few of the girls on the winning team apologized over social media.


“We stopped pressing in the first quarter and we put our subs in and out, and they were in the whole second half. We couldn’t do anything else,” said Redeemer junior Sara Flannelly. 

During afternoon practice, Prep’s coach praised her girls for their spirit, saying there are only seven members on the team, four of whom are freshmen.

“I say, to their credit, they’re here every day. They chose to be here. They have shirts that say ‘Seven Strong,’” said MMI coach Patty Medvecky. “We knew from the beginning of our season that we were going to have seven players and they chose to be part of that team and support the school and represent their school. I think that they’re doing a very good job representing our school and I’m proud of them.” 

“I’m just proud of us because not one person who came to the game last night can say that we gave up that entire game. We played our hearts out,” said MMI captain Rachel Stanziola. “I’m proud of every single one of us on this team.” 

“We feel bad, but it comes to a point where we didn’t ask to be put in this division. We didn’t ask to be as good as we are. It just happened. There’s nothing we can do about it except play our game,” said Redeemer senior Alexis Lewis.

The character and pride of MMI Prep’s players and coach here is impressive. It can be difficult to take a loss like that and still hold your head high, but they managed to do it.

If I understand the rules correctly, Pennsylvania uses a running clock in the second half when the score differential is 40 points or more. Holy Redeemer could have bled the clock, but the team scored 51 points in the second half, so it doesn’t sound like it was interested in slowing down the action.

According to WYLN, this is what Holy Redeemer coach Chris Parker had to say after the win:

“I don’t feel I owe an apology for my girls playing the game. By no means am I trying to embarrass anyone. My girls practice hard everyday and deserve to play and not sit half of the game. We are competing for a district title and possibly a run in state tourney! I have a responsibility to my kids to prepare them the best way can.”


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