FAMU suspends all football activities after locker room rap video

Over the weekend, Florida A&M University (FAMU) suspended all football activities after the release of an unauthorized locker room rap video that uses team apparel.

Rapper Real Boston Richey, whose name is Jalen Foster, released the video, “Send a Blitz,” on Friday. As of Sunday morning, it had accumulated over 311,000 views on YouTube.

famuFAMU players appeared in the video wearing helmets and dancing in the locker room. Players in the video were not immediately identified, according to reports.

Foster, a native of Tallahassee, where Florida A&M is located, wrote on Instagram that the video was recorded in 24 hours. Clips show the inside of a locker room with the FAMU logo on the seating and people donning university apparel.

Head football coach Willie R. Simmons said in a statement Friday night: “The video contained graphic language that is not consistent with Florida A&M’s core values, principles, and beliefs.

“Although I am a proud proponent of free speech and support all forms of musical expressions, this football team (as ambassadors of Florida A&M University) has a responsibility to protect the University’s image,” he said.

A recent story from the Tallahassee Democrat details what FAMU’s Simmons plans to do in the aftermath of the rap video filmed with team apparel in the team’s locker without school approval.

Below is an excerpt from the Tallahassee Democrat story.

“We are trying to talk to the right people to do everything not only to cover ourselves, but the young man (rapper Real Boston Richey) in the video,” Simmons said. “There are some legal issues (with the release of the video).”

Simmons released a statement late Friday night on social media that the Rattlers have suspended all football-related activities until further notice following the release earlier in the day of the “Send A Blitz” video by the local up-and-coming rapper.

Simmons said he was unaware of the video until it was released. He’s also uncertain when it was recorded or how many FAMU players were involved after several appear in the background of the video.

Video sequences inside the locker room clearly showed FAMU signage and apparel with the Rattlers logo.

Some people, including Richey, also wear football game helmets in the video, which is more than two minutes long and contains explicit lyrics.

Simmons said the players’ involvement in the video does not violate NCAA rules, and that the university’s apparel agreement with Nike has not been breached.

FAMU President Larry Robinson released a statement Saturday and said he requested an immediate investigation into the incident.

“I am aware of the unauthorized music video shot on our campus and I am asking for an immediate investigation to determine how it happened,” Robinson said. “This video does not represent our core values, nor our commitment to “Excellence with Caring” in all aspects of the University, including athletics.”

To read the full story from the Tallahassee Democrat, click here.