CrossFit event damages FIU basketball court

September 16, 2014 / Athletic AdministrationBasketball
By Coach and Athletic Director staff

Reminder to athletic directors: be careful what you allow on your basketball courts.

Florida International University learned that the hard way this week when a CrossFit event caused scratches and gashes all over its new — and rather unique — basketball court. The school, of course, was well insured, so there shouldn’t be much cost. However, time that it takes to replace the floor means the basketball team won’t be able to play on it this season.

From the Miami Herald:

Large dents in the floor, on both sides of midcourt and beyond the west sideline, make the surface manifestly unsafe. From the second level, the floor resembles a face that suffered under a razor wielded by a neophyte. A portable floor will be brought in to cover the regular floor. Considering the time it takes to replace a floor, the new floor wouldn’t go in until after basketball season or, perhaps, the arena hosts the spring graduation ceremonies.

FIU painted the court last year at a cost of $25,000, according to the athletic department. Do yourself a favor and remember this the next time anyone wants to host their event on your precious court.

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