Build aggressive post play with the ‘Conan Drill’ From Tim Brunelle, head boys coach, Pawnee High School, Grover, Colorado

Many players are not naturally aggressive about working hard for good position, asking for the ball and playing through contact.

We created the “Conan Drill” to improve relentless offensive play in an effective and safe environment for the players.

This drill is highly intense, physical, competitive and the players enjoy it.

Brunelle1DIAGRAM 1: V-cut & flash to high post. The player with the ball (in this case on the left wing) begins the drill by passing to the coach at the top of the key. The coach then swings the ball to a player on the opposite wing.

After the initial pass, the player V-cuts and fights through two managers who hit the cutter with football blocking dummies (we use the smaller ones, which are lighter and easier to carry).

Brunelle2DIAGRAM 2: Hold position & catch pass. While the managers maintain contact using the dummies, the player receives a pass and makes the catch. The player now tries to score using one or two dribbles.

Brunelle3DIAGRAM 3: Left contact. Force your players to become confident with their drop step in either direction. Have the managers stand to the left of the player with the ball. The player fights off the pounding from the blocking dummies and completes a drop step. The player follows the shot, rebounds and puts back any miss until the ball goes through the hoop. Managers hit the player until the basket is made but must show caution when the player is in the air.

Brunelle4DIAGRAM 4: Direct contact. Both managers attack the offensive player from the front. The player needs to face up the defenders with a reverse pivot, then make a move to the hoop.

Brunelle5DIAGRAM 5: Split contact. In this instance, the offensive player splits the defenders to get to the basket.

Brunelle6DIAGRAM 6: V-cut to low post. To practice V-cutting to the low post, have the player with the ball pass to the coach at the top of the key. The player then runs through the lane, splits the defenders, who still have the football dummies, and establishes position in the low post. The coach reverses the ball to a player on the opposite wing, who then passes to the original player now in the post.

Brunelle7DIAGRAM 7: V-cut to ball on wing. The coach is at the top of the key with a ball. The player is positioned on the wing and makes a V-cut while the defenders make contact. The player explodes through the contact to make a V-cut to the ball. The player then receives a pass and tries to score with one or two dribbles, which means using a big hop to maintain strength and balance through the lane.