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February 16, 2010

Same-set isolation series capitalizes on mismatches

Exploiting match-ups is an extremely important component of any successful offense. One way our team takes advantage of matchups is through an isolation series of plays designed to get the ball in the hands of the player with the most favorable match...

September 20, 2009

Try These 3 Inbounds Plays To Score In Any Situation

Keeping a defense on its heels is one of the keys to having a potent offense. There are a variety of ways to be aggressive with a defense and one that we have found to be effective is to look to score on our in-bound plays. Some coaches simply want ...

September 20, 2009

Ready for anything: A full-court play with 1 second on the clock

Coaches, especially young ones, often don't spend enough time game planning for specific situations. You need to be ready for anything when you're on the basketball court, which is an important lesson I learned from studying the likes of Morgan Woote...