April 23, 2020 • Coaching

The DEFINITE DOZEN©: Develop and Demonstrate Loyalty

{Sponsored} Championship coach Pat Summitt created a profound model for principles of success and leadership in sport and life called the DEFINITE DOZEN©.


When Coach Summitt talked about loyalty, her focus was on being loyal, not on receiving loyalty. She believed when teammates are exclusively loyal to each other, they will be able to perform at an ultimate level because, “… loyalty provides the turbo fuel for unstoppable inspiration,” Summitt said Pat Summitt Develop and Demonstrate Loyalty

When your focus is on giving loyalty, receiving it in return is the natural result. You can’t demand loyalty, but you can be loyal and then support that decision by being 100% consistent in your actions.

“You won’t ever have loyalty unless you’re willing to give it away first,” Summitt said.


• Won 1,098 games
• 18 NCAA Final Fours
• 8 National Championships
• “Coach of the Year” 15 times
• Olympian as coach and player
• 100% student-athlete graduation rate
• And much more …

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