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Streamlining school sports management

PlayOn empowers schools with integrated services for unmatched event management and fan engagement

(Sponsored) Empowering schools to continuously innovate their sports programs, PlayOn is the only provider offering digital ticketing, streaming, fundraising, concessions, athletic management, and athletic websites – all on one platform. With the help of PlayOn, schools can engage their communities and energize the event experience like never before.

Simply put, there are not enough hours in the day for schools, coaches and athletic directors to manage all their events. Between tedious tasks, several systems and other priorities, schools can often feel overwhelmed and have limited time to devote to supporting their students and evolving their programs. PlayOn helps schools create opportunities for students, providing access to communities to discover, enjoy and relive their favorite moments in person and online.

With PlayOn, administrators and athletic directors can save time before, during and after every event. Athletic directors can enter data once rather than multiple times through separate systems. Plus, financial reporting and performance metrics are all found in one place.

The PlayOn team is comprised of the GoFan, NFHS Network and rSchoolToday brands. BJ Pilling, president of PlayOn, is committed to providing an engaging event platform for athletic directors, administrators, coaches and fans.

“All three companies serve schools, fans, athletic directors, coaches and administrators,” Pilling said. “We’ve come together with these companies to integrate software platforms to ultimately save schools time, elevate the fan experience and meet the professional demands of a fan-engagement platform.

PlayOn enhances the fan experience at every stage of an event. Fans can effortlessly find upcoming events, access ticketing and streaming options, watch in person or online and revisit their favorite moments afterward with on-demand streams and clips.

“We want to elevate the overall experience for fans at these events,” Pilling said. “PlayOn completes the expected event cycle for a great fan experience.”

Lynne Green, senior vice president of product management at PlayOn, helps define the company’s overall strategy to aid athletic directors with scheduling, event promotion and more.

“For a coach or athletic director, we want PlayOn to be a seamless experience,” Green said. “We want to bring as much of the event planning together under one platform but also give them control over their event.”

PlayOn ultimately helps athletic directors through:

Pre-Event: Create, promote and manage all athletics and activities in one platform.

At Event: Drive revenue, reduce expenses, improve security and empower communities to support schools no matter where they are.

Post-Event: Reconcile events in minutes, make informed decisions and stay relevant beyond events to build community engagement.

“PlayOn is meant to be your hub for event management overall,” Green said. “It should be the universe of what you want to experience as an athletic director around that event.”

To learn more about PlayOn, visit https://www.playonsports.com/

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