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New Zealand Blackcurrant pre-workout benefits go beyond speedy recovery, improved athletic performance

(Sponsored) Helping athletes thrive in their sporting endeavors with the power of the New Zealand Blackcurrant, 2before is built to improve athletic performance and overall recovery. Over 10 years ago, 2before’s co-founders were part of a team from the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute and first discovered how blackcurrants had benefits for exercise.

Scientifically proven to support cardiovascular endurance, blackcurrants aid the body “to efficiently pump oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and remove waste products like lactic acid, resulting in improved endurance and athletic performance,” according to 2before.

Jennifer Ho, sports dietitian, says the product is unique to the market and can positively impact any athlete in any sport.

“The berries are well-researched and have an abundance of polyphenols and influence on antioxidant capacity,” Ho said. “Blackcurrants work on different angles of sports performance, so it’s not only energy but can influence the immune system, cognitive function and recovery.”

Combined with a unique ratio of cyanidin and delphinidin anthocyanins found only in New Zealand blackcurrants, 2before’s pre-workout will promote faster recovery through the body’s muscle adaptation, according to the company.

Blackcurrants are naturally high in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are known to protect tissues from damage by neutralizing free radicals causing oxidative damage to your cells. This damage could lead to prolonged recovery and inflammation.

The overall benefits of blackcurrants go beyond a speedy recovery and improved athletic performance. This small, but mighty berry also gives athletes health and wellness benefits.

“2before may enhance performance, immune health, cognitive function and recovery,” Ho said. “Blackcurrants stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms, meaning it optimizes the body’s response to stress and inflammation. Blackcurrants may also enhance blood flow and reduce the perception of fatigue.”

Blackcurrant benefits at a glance: 

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood flow
  • Improves recovery after exercise
  • Supports immunity health
  • Improves fat oxidation
  • Increases mental focus

2before offers two versions of their pre-workout: caffeinated and noncaffeinated. The pre-workout is fast and easy to prepare, gentle on the stomach and has a tart, berry flavor.

All of 2before’s products are certified and tested by Informed Sports — a sports supplement program assuring athletes that “products carrying the Informed Sports logo have been batch tested for prohibited substances and are manufactured to the highest quality standards,” according to 2before.

2before works closely with strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and sports dietitians across the world providing best practices on how athletes can incorporate 2before’s Blackcurrant Pre-Workout into their daily life. Whether you’re focusing on endurance or strength training, 2before’s product is fit for every athlete.

Matt Frakes

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Nutrition at Louisiana State University (LSU), Matt Frakes, recommends 2before’s pre-workout to all his athletes for its recovery benefits. Frakes uses 2before specifically for his athletes who are in rehabilitation due to injuries or surgeries.

“2before has been very helpful in the athlete’s recovery process,” Frakes said. “It ensures they have the nutrients and antioxidants they need. 2before has also helped manage inflammation and help blood flow within the recovery process.”

Drew Hunter, professional distance runner for Tinman Elite in Boulder, Colorado, has used 2before’s pre-workout for a few months and has noticed an increase in energy during workouts.

“Since using 2before, I’ve noticed an increase in energy throughout my workouts. It’s also been great in terms of recovery,” Hunter said. “2before aids in my muscle recovery and gives me extra energy in the morning which has been really beneficial.”

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