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Reggie Miller’s ‘Shooting-Off-The-Dribble’ workout

Each player starts with a spin out and catch on the perimeter anywhere from 15 feet to 3 or 4 feet outside the arc using the whole court. The players should use a variety of set ups — catch and rip, jab, catch and lift, shot fake.

The player needs to be a quick decision maker, as if in a game situation. In a game, they would shoot off the catch, make a quick move or pass the basketball.

1. Shoot off the spin and catch: 25 shots.
2. One dribble with the right hand and then shoot: 25 shots.
3. Two dribbles with the right hand and shoot: 25 shots.
4. One dribble with the left hand and shoot: 25 shots.
5. Two dribbles with the left hand and shoot: 25 shots.
6. Three-dribble sequence into the shot off the dribble.
A. Crossover (right—cross dribble with left—another left; alternate with left—cross dribble with right—another right): 25 shots.
B. Inside out (right—inside out—another right; alternate with left—inside out—another left): 25 shots.
C. Between the legs (right—through—left: alternate with left—through right): 25 shots.
D. Change of pace or step back move—vary the timing. 25 shots.
• Player shoots 100 free throws after each set of 25 shots.
• Total workout—225 shots plus 80 free throws.

* Photo via Wikimedia Commons