June 7, 2017 • Football

Football: Bob Stoops shares 2 plays in his high-powered offense

Oklahoma consistently ranked in the Top 10 in all of college football based on scoring and offensive-yardage. In 2008, the team scored more than 60 points in five straight games, which hadn’t been done in 89 years.

In 2011, Bob Stoops opened up his playbook and provided Coach & Athletic Director with two plays that have worked well within the Sooners’ system.

Two plays from Oklahoma’s high-powered offense

DIAGRAM 1: Right flex swing. In this set, the quarterback (QB) begins in the shotgun, flanked by a tailback (RB) to the left and a fullback (FB) to the right. The receivers set wide both sprint down the field, then run a curl-in route. The slot receiver slants to the middle of the field. Then the RB and the FB both quickly swing out to the outside on their respective side of the field.

This play spreads the defense and forces the opposition to cover five potential pass receivers. The QB needs to make a quick read as he is left unprotected in the backfield when the RB and FB swing outside.

DIAGRAM 2: Slot right. In this set, the QB again is in the shotgun. He has the RB set to his immediate left. A tight end (TE) is lined up on the right side of 
the offensive line. The slot receiver is located on the left side of the set. The outside receivers run
 a slant, then fly and finish with a deep out move. The slot receiver sprints in a straight line down the field. The TE peels off the line to an opening in the flat.

Again, the QB is left unprotected, but there are five available passing targets from which to choose.

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