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More Coaches, Athletic Directors And Trainers Are Continuing Their Education Online

“I’m Not Tech-Savvy”

Today, just about anyone has enough knowledge to get onto a computer, log into their email and navigate the internet … and that’s about as much technology knowledge you need to have to take part in these classes.

“Since many of our students are nontraditional learners, we understand that not everyone is truly ‘computer-ready,’” says Freeland.

“We use a sophisticated learning management system called Sakai and require all incoming students to complete an initial prerequisite course in how to navigate online studies, which provides an overview of what to expect in the way of interaction and assignments in a collaborative, virtual classroom enviorment.”

“Signing up was easy. I received bios of my professors prior to signing up and knew exactly which books were required for the class,” says Tony Buffamonte, who has 25 years of experience as a youth sports coach with 14 years in ice hockey. He is pursuing his master’s in sports management at American Public University.
“Even when I had an issue, the support center was very prompt to answer and also willing to teach me the proper technique.”

Buffamonte recalls wanting to post a thread in an online class discussion. The college’s tech support walked him through the process step-by-step.

“I’m not tech-savvy at all,” admits Mark White, the athletic administrator at Presque Isle High School in Maine, who previously coached soccer and softball for 18 years at the school. He took his classes through Ohio University.

“The way Ohio University sets up the online program is almost fool-proof. The instructions are clear and the tech support people are fantastic. Signing up and paying for classes, as well as uploading assignments, are all easy to do.”

Drake University’s video correspondence courses are a bit different as, obviously, they are not online. Sengstock says they are designed this way “because we want to provide an option for coaches that may not feet comfortable using technology.”

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