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Surpassing Expectations

Fox Creek Building

Custom fabric structures increase efficiency, improve acoustics in your facilities

(Sponsored) Legacy Building Solutions builds custom tension fabric structures, surpassing expectations and achieving the highest standards of fabric buildings lasting for decades. Designed to create safer and higher-quality facilities that align with customers’ objectives and athletes’ needs, Legacy can provide structures to satisfy athletic directors, coaches, spectators, and athletes.

Legacy’s custom tension fabric buildings eliminate excess square footage, increase energy efficiency, and have improved acoustics compared to other facility options — making it the preferred structure for athletic departments of all sizes.

Building and Project Design Consultant at Legacy, Shannon Humbert, specializes in all sports and recreation related jobs. He and Legacy believe fabric is a great alternative building material for sports facilities because of the overall quality, safety, and customization features. Legacy engineers, designs, manufactures, and installs rigid frame fabric buildings, all while meeting building code requirements and customer specifications.

Stony Brook

“Our structures are designed to meet all applicable building codes including energy codes,” Humbert said. “We also adhere to all geographical building code and design criteria that will be used in the area we are building.”

Legacy knows customization is important and creates structures specifically designed for the needs of athletic departments. Ensuring safety, longevity and functionality, Legacy considers every detail of the structure’s purpose and daily use.

Humbert also notes that Legacy buildings have lower maintenance costs and provide high-quality acoustics and aesthetics. So, why choose a Legacy Building Solutions structure for your next athletic facility? There are many reasons.

1. Lower maintenance costs.

Legacy uses PVC fabric cladding and an interior liner in their insulated buildings. They also insulate the frame cavity using R-30 fiberglass insulation. The interior fabric liner provides an excellent vapor barrier as well as a smooth, bright finish on the interior of the building which also improves performance output from other light sources within the building, such as LED.

“The low maintenance inside a fabric building allows for more time and less money on building upkeep,” Humbert said.

2. More energy efficient. 

Fabric has thermally nonconductive properties, meaning it doesn’t transfer heat or cold as much as steel and concrete would. The inside of Legacy’s buildings feels cooler on hot days and warmer on cold days, even if the building is not insulated.

3. Better acoustics and lighting.

In sports, good ..acoustics are important — for coaches, athletes, and the community. Legacy’s fabric structures smooth interior liner result in less echo and sound or noise vibration.

“With the interior liner, we have better acoustics compared to a steel-sided structure, you won’t have as much echo or vibration throughout the building,” Humbert said.

Fox Creek Multiplex

Legacy’s bright white interior fabric allows for more reflective lighting and visibility for athletes and coaches. From start to finish, Legacy takes pride in creating custom buildings that best fit any sport and guarantees coaches and athletes will love the finished product.

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