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Bringing customization, flexibility and versatility to your sports facility

How Legacy’s steel-framed fabric structures save time and money

(Sponsored) Specializing in highly custom, specialty fabric structures, Legacy Building Solutions is dedicated to providing the best fabric buildings in the sports industry. Legacy’s buildings are designed around creating a high-quality and safer environment – aligning with the needs of athletic directors, coaches and athletes.

Legacy’s tension fabric buildings eliminate excess square footage, increase energy efficiency and have improved acoustics compared to other facility options — making it the preferred structure for athletic departments of all sizes.

Building and Project Design Consultant at Legacy, Shannon Humbert, recommends Legacy and their steel-framed fabric structures over other building options because of the flexibility and customization.

Legacy knows customization is important and creates structures specifically designed for the needs of athletic departments. Ensuring safety, longevity and functionality, Legacy considers every detail of the structure’s purpose and daily use.

“Legacy’s fabric structures are built to last. You also have better temperature control in our buildings, plus, Legacy’s structures don’t require as much maintenance,” Humbert said.

Legacy is committed to environmental sustainability through the use of green building materials, solar panels, fabric recycling, passive ventilation and more. According to Legacy, “fabric buildings offer a high solar reflectance… helping reflect sunlight and heat away from the building, reducing roof temperatures.”

With Legacy’s passive ventilation systems, your building will have fresh air circulating throughout the space without requiring additional power, ultimately saving money and the environment.

Another benefit to building a steel-framed structure with Legacy is an increased return on investment (ROI). When it comes to design, manufacturing, sales and installation, Legacy does most everything in-house which decreases costs during construction.

Steel-framed structures are designed to last for decades without additional maintenance costs. These structures can also stand up to severe weather conditions such as high winds and heavy snow.

With Legacy’s steel-framed structures, the buildings are also engineered to handle different design options including goal posts, scoreboards, netting, sound systems and HVAC and fire suppression systems.

“Legacy is highly efficient from start to finish. Our steel-framed structures can save you money in building costs, maintenance, energy and more,” Humbert said.

Legacy strives for customization, versatility, and flexibility. Steel-framed structures are built to fit any sport, leaving every team satisfied.

“There’s an increased advantage with a rigid frame structure. Our buildings are versatile – fitting any sport for any need,” Humbert said.


When choosing Legacy for your sports structure, your team will benefit from custom features, including:

Custom colors and design

Legacy tension fabric buildings are versatile, not only do we offer varying color options, but because thier ExxoTec™ fabric is so versatile, they can work with you and a vendor to apply your team or school logo to the building.

Superior acoustics

Fabric naturally absorbs sound by letting it pass through the material. Lined and insulated athletic building provide a superior acoustic atmosphere with reduce reverberation – increasing the athlete’s concentration and focus.

Easy additions

Legacy’s rigid frame design allows you to add eaves or overhangs to the buildings – providing the ultimate customized experience.

Overall, Legacy’s steel-framed fabric structures are the right choice for your team because of its custom designs, long-term durability and energy efficiency. Legacy is guaranteed to deliver the perfect sports structure for any team, coach, athletic director and more.

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