November 14, 2012 •

Program Of Excellence Video Series

Coach And Athletic Director just released the

winning programs for this inaugural award—

learn more from the programs in the online video series

By: Michael Austin, Editor-In-Chief

The four winners of Coach And Athletic Director’s Interscholastic Sports Program Of Excellence award have been announced in the November/December issue of the magazine. For more information on each winning program, check out the online video series featuring interviews with top personnel at each school. The video series is sponsored by Bison, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Neb.

Here is a video from each school to give you an idea of the content covered. Click on the link next to the school name to go to a page featuring that program’s videos.

Program Of ExcellenceBison

The Overlake School, Redmond, Wash.

(Private School Less Than 500 Enrollment)

In this video, athletic director John Wiley explains the school’s “policy of inclusion,” which has led to an 82-percent athlete-participation rate.

Mary Institute and Country Day School, St. Louis, Mo.

(Private School More Than 500 Enrollment)

Director of Athletics Day Maurer breaks down how athletic success is a byproduct of school and community support.

St. Anthony Village High School, Minneapolis, Minn.

(Public School Less Than 1,000 Enrollment)

Troy Urdahl is the athletics and activities director at St. Anthony Village and says parental involvement has been a huge part of his program’s success. Find out how to build a positive relationship with parents and use it as an asset.

Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta, Calif.

(Public School More Than 1,000 Enrollment)

Vista Murrieta High School opened in 2003 and Ray Moore was there from the start. The athletic director explains how the concept of C.L.A.S.S. has been part of the culture since Day 1 and continues to be what drives student-athletes to excel at the school.