May 2, 2017

‘Mouse’ counters help defense, attacks players in foul trouble

Coaches are always thinking of new plays to attack the defensive schemes they encounter during the season. Basketball is a game of adjustments, with one coach or team running a play while the other coach works to take away that play. The other coach ...

November 30, 2015

Kobe Bryant’s 3 tips for defensive slides

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is known for his five NBA championship rings and, more specifically, his amazing scoring ability. But did you know Bryant has been on the NBA's All-Defensive team 12 times throughout his career? Defense is o...

August 24, 2015

Football: Making your secondary primary

The imperatives of secondary play are beneficial to man and zone concepts. Secondary players must align according accordingly to the offensive formation, understand where the help is located and carry out their assignment. Proper alignment takes a...

diagram 3
December 18, 2012

1-1-3 match-up zone offers viable alternative to man defense

I never had our team play zone defense. Zone defense, to me, was utilized by teams that were weak, lazy or both. I even scheduled my coaching-clinic decisions around avoiding zone-defense chatter. I never listened to a clinic speaker who was discussi...


Mark Few: Tips For Coaching Players Who Are In Foul Trouble

Gonzaga men’s basketball coach, Mark Few, dishes on what to do when your player is in foul trouble in the first half of the game....