Episode #27 — December 16, 2021 Chip Sigmon, Mike Gentry, & Jerry Palmieri

In the latest episode, Wesley is joined by veteran strength coaches Chip Sigmon, Mike Gentry, and Jerry Palmieri to discuss their part in the book ‘The Golden Age of Strength & Conditioning.’

Chip Sigmon is the owner of Sigmon Sports Performance and was the strength coach with the Charlotte Hornets, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Appalachian State. Mike Gentry has 35 years of collegiate experience, primarily with Virginia Tech, and is a USA Strength Coach Hall of Famer. Jerry Palmieri has 34 years of experience as a strength coach — 13 at the collegiate level and 21 in the NFL, most recently with the New York Giants.

They are three of 32 strength coaches to share their stories about paving the way for the strength coaching profession.

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