1-4 high special From Jim Shaw, assistant coach, Texas State University

diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: This play is run from a 1-4 high set with 2 and 3 on the outside wing areas. 5 and 4 set up at the elbows.

1 enters the ball to 4 at the right elbow. As soon as 4 receives the pass, 2 breaks to the basket on a backdoor cut. 4 turns and looks to hit 2 cutting backdoor.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: If 2 isn’t open on the quick backdoor cut, 1 pops wide to the ball-side wing area. 5 slides down the lane line and into the weak-side post.

diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: 3 V-cuts toward the basket, then breaks toward the top of the key. 4 dribbles toward the opposite elbow and makes a handoff with 3. At the same time, 2 sets a cross-screen for 5, who breaks to the opposite low post area.

diagram 4DIAGRAM 4: After the handoff, 4 slides down the lane and sets a downscreen for 2 (screen-the-screener action). 3 can now shoot a jump shot from the elbow, make a low-post entry into 5, or kick out to either 1 or 2 for a 3-pointer.

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