‘Two’ From Phil Ross, McEwen High School, Tennessee

basketball set play two“Two” is a set play we have had a great deal of success running. It has options for a 3-point shot, a post up and a backcut. It can be run against both man and zone defenses.

DIAGRAM 1: 2 V-cuts and receives a pass from 1.

DIAGRAM 2: 1 does a hard V-cut and gets a return pass from 2. After passing to 1, 2 cuts off a backscreen from 4 and a staggered double screen from 3 and 5. 1 dribbles across to shorten the pass and 2 looks for the 3-point shot.

DIAGRAM 3: 1 slides to the lane extended and 5 screens for 3, who goes to the ball-side corner. If 5 is defended high side, 2 passes to 3, who will then make the entry to 5. If 5 is fronted, 4 comes to the ball-side elbow, opening the lob pass to 5.

DIAGRAM 4: If 2 doesn’t have a pass, he or she starts to dribble to the top. As 2 starts the dribble, 4 breaks hard into the lane. 1 backcuts hard, receiving the pass from 4. 4 also can open up and look for the shot.

DIAGRAM 5: The only difference against the zone is when 2 makes the return pass to 1, 3 and 5 screen the backside of the zone. 3 then cuts to the corner with 5 posting.

DIAGRAM 6: When 2 dribbles, 4 cuts into the lane and 1 backcuts the zone.