‘Over’ vs. 2-3 zone From Jim Calhoun, former men's coach, University of Connecticut

diagram 1This play, run out of a 1-2-2 set, has been extremely effective for our team. In a 36-game stretch, we ran this play on 42 possessions and scored 31 times.

DIAGRAM 1: 5 and 4 set up behind the zone, while 2 and 3 line up on each wing. 1 dribbles in a few steps to draw in the top two defenders and passes to 3 on the right wing.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 5 steps up and sets a backscreen on the middle defender. 4 steps in and screens either the forward or the middle defender. At the same time, 3 passes back to 1 and cuts toward the basket and through to the opposite corner.

As 3 makes their cut, 2 quickly sets a downscreen on the off-side forward. 1 receives the pass from 3 and swings the ball to 3 in the corner. 3 can either shoot a 3-pointer or make an entry pass to 5 sealing on the low block.

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