Set play into high-low motion From Jody Goins, formerly of Oak Ridge High School, Tennessee

DIAGRAM 1: 1 begins the play by dribbling to the right and passing to 2 on the wing. 3 cuts all the way to the opposite corner, coming off a low-block screen by 4.

DIAGRAM 2: Option A. 2 passes to 3 in the corner. 1 V-cuts and makes a basket cut off a “double-rub” set by 2 and 4. 3 looks to hit 1 cutting to the basket. If the pass isn’t there, 1 runs the baseline to the weak-side corner.

DIAGRAM 3: Option B. 4 sets an on-the-ball screen for 3, who dribbles out of the corner and looks to hit 4 rolling to the basket. 5 sets a cross-screen for 2, who curls to the weak side. You’re now set to run high-low motion offense.

DIAGRAM 4: Option C. 2 can dribble the ball back to the top. 1 V-cuts and curls around a flare screen set by 5.

DIAGRAM 5: Option C (Continued). As 2 passes to 1, 5 dives to the ball-side low block. 4 breaks across the lane to 5 in the low post or to hit 4 at the elbow. If no shot is available, you’re now into your high-low motion offense.