Set play for your best shooter From Bill Agronin, formerly of Niagara University, New York

DIAGRAM 1: We use this play when we want to get a shot for our best player. 1 dribbles to the wing area, while 3 breaks across the lane and sets a diagonal screen for 4. 2 clears to the top of the key.

DIAGRAM 2: 3 seals his or her defender and posts up. 1 passes to 4, who looks for a quick shot or hits 3 rolling to the basket.

DIAGRAM 3: If neither shot opportunity is there, 5 breaks in and sets a cross-screen for 3, who cuts wide to the short corner. 4 passes back to 1, who can swing the ball to 3 for a shot.

DIAGRAM 4: Alternate option. If the defense switches on the initial alignment, 5 immediately sets a baseline screen for 4, who comes off the screen looking for a pass from 1 and a jump shot.