‘Wall’ from a 1-2-2 set From Douglas White, head girls coach, Corcoran High School, California

set play 1-2-2 wall 1DIAGRAM 1: This play is from a 1-2-2 set. It begins with 1 passing to 2 and making a UCLA-cut off of a screen from 4. After setting the screen, 4 rolls to the top. 2 looks to hit 1 on the cut to the basket.

set play 1-2-2 wall 2DIAGRAM 2: 2 reverses the ball to 4. While the ball is in the air, 5 posts-up hard on the weak side, calling for the ball. 2 crosses the lane and looks to set a screen on 5’s defender. 1 replaces 2.

set play 1-2-2 wall 3DIAGRAM 3: 2 sets the screen for 5, who reads the screen, reverse pivots (which in effect forms a double-screen) and rolls to the ball-side, low block. On the cut, 4 passes to 1 who looks to hit 5 for a quick post-up and score.

set play 1-2-2 wall 4DIAGRAM 4: Continuation (A). If the initial options don’t work, 4 breaks across the lane and sets a downscreen for 2. 2 breaks to the top of the key and receives a pass from 1. 5 cuts hard to the high post and calls for the ball.

set play 1-2-2 wall 5DIAGRAM 5: Continuation (B). 3 breaks across the lane and sets a screen for 5, who rolls to the opposite low block. 4 replaces 3 and receives a pass from 2. 1 makes a V-cut on the opposite side. 2 looks to hit 5 in the post.

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