‘Over’ From Mike Hyman, Boo Williams AAU, Virginia Beach, Virginia

DIAGRAM 1: This gets the ball into play from under the hoop. Against a man defense, 4 and 1 screen up for the best perimeter shooter (2). 4 then pins and steps in for a short jumper. 1 pins off the screen and rolls hard to the weak-side block. 5 stays in a post-up position for a short entry pass to keep the defense from the weak side.

DIAGRAM 2: Also against a man defense, if 2 reads an overplay by the defense, 2 steps hard toward the double screen and breaks to the weak-side block. 1 sees the cut and instead of continuing the upscreen, 1 turns and rolls off the screen by 4 into the ball-side corner. 4 and 5 have the same responsibilities.

DIAGRAM 3: Against a zone, 4 and 1 screen in rather than up. 2 goes over to the ball-side corner. 1 rolls up off the screen. 3 passes to 2, then boxes out the weak-side block on the shot by 2.